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There is furniture. There is media technology. And there is wood media.
Where Holzmedia combines the two in a unique way.


Holzmedia Elements

Media furniture for the individual integration of displays and media technology.

Choose and order your furniture components, according to room and display size; primary function – including videoconferencing or for an interactive workflow; free-standing and mobile or wall-mounted.

Thought out for the simple integration of displays and media technology.

Impressive technical functionality and refined aesthetics; high-grade and sustainable; designed with a love for detail; for sophisticated room solutions

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Holzmedia D10 Executive Desk and Meeting Room concept

Holzmedia D10 is simply the “top of the best” for you, Executive Director. Let the pictures inspire you and let us assist you in the appropriate selection and manufacturing of your highly desired work-place.

Holzmedia tables

With our tables we offer special solutions for every type and size of meeting and conference rooms. Whether from a standard system or “tailor-made”. The result is always high quality, representative and well thought out in every detail.

Our tables offer specific solutions for any kind and size of meeting or conference rooms. Be they from our standard range or „tailor-made” for you. The end result is always high-grade, representative and thought-out to the last detail.

3 main model ranges allowing you to choose between different styles and features

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Holzmedia Smart Planning

Conference room solutions tailored

  • Needs analysis: This is the beginning of any project / commission and acts as the cornerstone for individual, customer-oriented solutions.
  • Designing the solution: The second step, taking into consideration the results of the needs analysis – in cooperation with technicians and architects.
  • Implementation: Results and implementation of precise and purposeful planning – creating unique rooms that meets customer needs.

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